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If you are going to use, you first need to go through terms and conditions or terms of use. This document is an online record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000. Thus, it rules there under as official applicable as well as amended provisions pertaining to given electronic records in several statutes as simply amended by official IT Act, 2000. This electronic record about doesn’t require digital or physical signature.

This official document has been published in accordance with active provisions of rule 3(1) of IT Rules, 2011 that may need publishing the terms of use, privacy policy and rules and regulations for usage or access of So, when you visit at, you will be liable to these rules and conditions. By merely visiting to our site, you will be liable to follow its terms of use.

Legal Aspects of Terms & Conditions

The main motto behind publishing this document is to make our visitors or users aware about existing terms and conditions of using When you decide to visit at our site, you should first go through its terms and conditions. Here one point should be noted that by merely visiting at our site, you will be liable to its terms of use. If you don’t want to agree with given document, you may decide to leave our site then and there.

There could be various legal aspects that may be or may not be associated with this electronic document. So, whenever you visit at this site, you should understand that you need to follow certain terms and conditions of using our site. We at don’t hide anything from our users. Thus, we would like to inform you about that our site’s terms and conditions or terms of use can be change according to new legal laws.

Terms of Use – Personal Information

When you browse through, you are likely to be tracked by cookies. A cookie is a little piece of information. It can extract your personal information from the browser. We at GigoloFinder may or may not use this information for our quality control and other business strategies. When you visit at, you simply leave footprints of your data. It could be anything – from your personal information to your behavior on the site. We have a system that simply analyzes your behavior or data in order to improve our services.

We believe in providing best quality of gigolo dating services to our users or site visitors. Thus, we may collect and store your personal information or behavior data on our site. So, if you don’t agree with this term of use, you should avoid visiting at our site. You are suggested to first go through our terms of use or privacy policy so that you won’t repent on your decision. We at GigoloFinder won’t be responsible for any ignorance that you may encounter while visiting at our website.

Terms and Conditions Are Subject to Change

Yes, terms and conditions of using are subject to change even without notice. So, should keep checking our privacy policy, terms of use and disclaimer pages in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience.